It's Time to Head Back to School!

It's Time to Head Back to School!

Aug 23rd 2019

The summer never seems to last long enough, and before you know it, it’s time to go back to school! Besides leaving the summer vacation behind, you need to get yourself ready for the current fall mixture of fashions. There are many styles and kinds of clothing, and accessories, to choose from here at Scout & Molly’s!


You don’t have to go grunge, but t-shirts are an excellent way to stretch your budget. Plain t-shirts or design t-shirts can be had inexpensively. And, t-shirts are available in many colors and patterns. You can also get t-shirts with your choice of slogans or pictures, with iron-on kits. T-shirts will also do well as part of a “layered” look, underneath a shirt, for colder weather.


Here at our boutique, you’ll find various styles of pants we know you’ll love. From denim selections and joggers to comfortable leggings and stylish trousers, your bottom selections will never be out of style!


Hoodies have been around for a while, but they’re still popular, and the styles don’t change much with time. So, as long as it still fits, it’s still good. It’s easy to get a hoodie (or several) that match just about any kind of clothing you have, too. Hoodies are an especially good match for a casual look, so look to pair them with jeans and sneakers.

We invite you to stop by Scout and Molly’s Classen Curve to see us at 5810 N Classen Blvd, Suite F3E, in Oklahoma City. We are your back to school shopping destination!